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Orphan Youth Life Stories

Story Nr.1 +

On Christmas my oldest daughter turned 5 and my youngest one – 5 months. We were evicted from our apartment. It was cold! In the morning we left the old apartment where we didn’t have heating, electricity and food. We were searching for the “Mercy Home”. There was so much snow and at first we couldn’t find it. We found it around 4 pm and everybody at that house was preparing to celebrate. The house was warm, light, smelled like gingerbread men and cookies and it had a decorated Christmas tree. We were put into warm water. There was a celebration, a Santa Clause and everyone got a gift – even us. After all we stayed at this home. Tanya started to prepare documents for Talsi Crises centre. She got all the paperwork done and legalized my disability, fought for an apartment and got my oldest daughter into kinder garden. Even now I am coming to the “Mercy Home” because guys need help with cooking, darning their socks, iron and work in the garden. Everyone has something to do around here. Today everything is well. Praise the Lord!

Story Nr.2 +

My mother abandoned me already at the maternity ward because she saw that I was sick. She ran away through the window. Why didn’t the doctor end my life then!? They could see that instead of living on my own I would depend on other people. No one wants me, not even my mother. From the children’s home I was brought to Ventspils and put into an old people’s home with all the old and sick people on first floor. I started to go nuts and they took me to a madhouse in Liepaja. I have wanted to end my life numerous times and meet the Father who art in Heaven. I found Tanya’s house. She says that God loves all children regardless of their abilities or disabilities. She says that she loves us and will take care for us. I have never lived in a family and now I am learning. I go to school, learn computer and cooking skills, take care of domestic animals. I love the dog very much and he is my friend.

Story Nr.3 +

I have a short story. My dad left my family for another woman. Mother started to drink and didn’t take care of us. We were evicted from our apartment – all three children and our mother. We lived up in the attic in a five-story building. We were starving. There were times when we had to steal things from people’s cellars, shoplift and rob other people’s gardens. We didn’t go to school and were bums. Our mother died. We were put into children’s home, but the oldest brother – in jail because he robbed a shop (he wanted to help us). I have tried sniffing glue, drinking and stealing. We were treated well at the children’s home. No one said anything. There was no humiliation. After leaving the children’s home, I got into an apartment so that I could live on my own. But being on my own didn’t come easy. I had a lot of debt and I quit school. I came to the “Mercy House” all on my own and stayed here. At the house we acquire experience and learn how to be equal members of the society. I have learned that with the help of a family and its love and support I will win and become someone who is worthy of praise. Thank God I am here and am able to learn, share with others, work, celebrate and be someone even though I have been a disabled person since childhood.

Story Nr.4 +

My parents are chronic alcoholics. My brother and I lived among alcoholics and thieves. Most of my life we were starving. As a means of survival we were gathering empty bottles, looked for food in dumpsters and sometimes we stole stuff from other people’s gardens – potatoes, cucumbers and carrots. Court deprived my parents of their parental rights towards us. Our grandma was old and didn’t have enough means to feed us. We still had to gather empty bottles and search for food. Six years ago we came to Tanya and Valeriy. Only here I understood what a real family means and how it is when you are taken care of. We work and rest together. While being here I finished 9th grade and took courses in Riga and now I can work as a cook. This family taught me everything I know – I know how to build things, fix electric stuff, take care of animals, scythe, fix cars and plow. Tanya says she is not worried about anymore me because I know how to take care of myself now. Personally I feel safe because I have people that I can rely on and who will be there for me.

Story Nr.5 +

y mother was murdered by my father before my eyes. I was ugly with wry eyes and I cried all the time. This is why no one wanted me and I end up at a children’s home. I remember my childhood – tears and humiliation. I wet my bed and people made fun of me because of that. They took the wet sheet and put it on my head and pushed me to the centre of the room so everybody could make fun of me. During the summer vacation I was with my father who had been released from the prison. He beat me for every step that I took. During the winter holidays I lived in the dog-kennel with my neighbor’s dog. My father when he was drunk would beat me real hard. There was no one to protect me and I was afraid to tell it to anyone. I was 16 years old when I got out of children’s home. I got an apartment, but I didn’t know how to live on my own. All the money that I was getting as a disabled person was taken away from me by the local drunks. Everything I earned by tending to the animals was eaten by others. I got robbed and thus I left everything and came to Ventspils. I lived in any hole I could find - attics, cellars etc. My wandering around lasted for two years till one of my acquaintances told me about a home for a person like me. Now I have a family and I am happy. I have all the benefits and also an apartment. We fixed it up ourselves. Here I have people that care for me, take interest in me and protect me. No one has dared to humiliate me or rob me. I have learned many skills. Now I want to learn carpentry – I like it. I don’t drink anymore because I believe in God. I am learning to forgive and I pray to God that He would help me forgive my father and those who have offended me.